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Sparkle Dental Office is dedicated to quality oral health and dazzling smiles for the residents of Livermore, the Tri-Valley area, and the neighboring Bay area. We believe in integrity, compassion, and excellence.



Dr. Sharma believes in establishing a rapport with each of her patients.  She firmly believes in patients actively engaging in decisions regarding their dental care and yearns for her patients to partner with her in optimizing their oral health.  We are friendly, forthcoming, and transparent. We believe in open communication, candor, and sincerity.  This patient-centered philosophy provides the foundation for all the work done at Sparkle Dental. Our patients’ overall health is our one and only priority.



Sparkle Dental provides family dental care.  Therefore, we aim to treat our patients and staff like family. We want our patients to feel comfortable and at ease, of course, but we really want them to feel truly cared for. We see our patients as individuals, and we administer specialized care to all our patients.  We feel “care” comprises more than just executing procedures.  It encompasses talking with people, educating them, sharing ideas, finding common ground, alleviating fears or concerns, and providing comfort and gentle counsel.  Although we take our craft very seriously, we want to foster a cordial and supportive environment with no judgment.



Dr. Sharma takes great pride in her thorough examinations, thoughtful approach to patients’ problems, and meticulous technical expertise.  She views herself as lifelong learner. She participates in numerous hours of lectures, conferences, and graduate level programs annually so she can provide cutting edge and the most up to date knowledge to the care of her patients.  We maintain high standards of performance in every aspect of care including review of symptoms and medical history, comprehensive examinations with judicious use of x-rays, carefully formulating treatment plans, and executing procedures with utmost skill and precision. We also make sure to always take appropriate time to adequately educate our patients, emphasizing preventive care and dental hygiene to maintain excellent oral health.  We also ensure the ancillary services and operations of our office as whole run smoothly and efficiently, including safety and infection control.

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