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Fluoride can prevent cavities and tooth decay by preventing plaque from building up and hardening of
the tooth’s surface. A fluoride treatment in your our office lasts a only a few minutes. Afterwards,
patients are asked not to rinse or ingest food or drink for approximately 30 minutes to allow the teeth to
absorb the fluoride. Fluoride treatment may be recommended as frequently as every three months or
up to 12 months. At-home fluoride products such as a mouthwash, gel, or antibacterial rinse may be
beneficial as well.

Occlusal Guards are removable devices that fit over teeth and help prevent the wearing down of teeth
during sleep due to grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism. Using a guard in such situations
protects teeth at from such forces that can break teeth, fillings, crowns, veneers, and implants,
preventing complications down the road. Guards may be used during the day if bruxism is prominent
during the day for an individual, while custom mouth guards can be manufactured as well for protection
during use in contact sports.
Brushing often can not reach remote spots, cracks, or grooves on the molars. Sealants applied to these
areas can provide teeth protection against decay, helping to prevent cavities, in both adults and kids.

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